Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Change Bucket!

Today Master P and I emptied out three months of change that he has acquired.  He never uses change, which is beyond me, because I scramble to find exact change for most purchases.  A few days ago we went out and bought some coin rolls (is that what they're called?).  Much to our surprise they no longer come in a variety pack.  So we only purchased the rolls for the quarters.  We took the quarters to the bank and the nickles, dimes, and pennies went to coinstar.  BTW Coinstar charges 9.8 cents for every dollar--absolutely rediculous.  We ended up with about $130.  It is always nice for a pile of clutter to turn into $130. 

Here are some of the purchases we made with are awesome new wealth!

Yummy Large Fat Tire beer!

For the Children:  Two bully sticks and two peanut butter
 and oat football treats from Three Dog Bakery

Baby George enjoying his tasty treat!

It took Jennifer much longer to eat her treat.  She had to
retreat to "her room" so Baby George wouldn't steal it!

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  1. Ha! I love that your pups got bully sticks! I can't believe you had that much money in change. I wish we did,, but we cash it in every couple weeks are so.