Friday, October 22, 2010

Hunting for a House

Finding a cute place to rent in Nashville, TN is like hunting down a snipe in the forest.  Of course this is only true if you want to rent for a decent price, want to keep your dogs, and don't want to live in the ghetto (top three requirements on our checklist!).  Master P and I have been planning to move to Nashville since the day I moved into the FML's/Master P's house.  We (and by we I mean he) finally scraped up enough money for us to live on for approximately four months (give or take). 

Anyway, back to the house hunting.  We took our first official house hunting trip about two weeks ago.  It started off pretty rocky, because we decided to do it ourselves.  I hunted for places on criagslist and in the paper, made a list, made calls and off we went completely unaware of what we were about to experience.  Most of the places we found were in the ghetto, which btw, is so much nicer than the Memphis ghetto.  At the end of our first day we found a property manager, which brightened our day a little, I guess.

This first house was in a pretty ok neighborhood and was much bigger than most we saw.  The rent was also very reasonable.

House number one

As you can see there were a few cosmetic issues I wasn't willing to overlook.  Every door on the inside of the house had the middle squares painted in whatever the color of the room was.  There were also hideous boarders in every single room.  I'm just wondering what in the world the previous renter was thinking.   I'm sure that the property manager would have fixed most of this stuff, but we just were not sold on this one.   

House number two

 We actually really liked this house.  It had a cute facade, fenced in back yard for the pups, a separate area for Master P office, separate utility room, and a decent sized kitchen.  Some of the cons to this little home were very small rooms, limited closest space, and a really strange bathroom (unusally low counters and toilet ).  Plus this house had a dungeon...I still don't know how I feel about this.

These were the only two that we saw that day that were even worth thinking about.  Sadness.  We went into one house that smelled as if a cat hoarder lived there for 50 years.  We left Nashville a little disheartened.  We went back to Memphis to decide our next plan of action.  This plan included a real estate agent!


  1. Oh god that dungeon is scary! Also, Andrew now wants to rent a house with tacky doors like the first place...lucky me. Both of those houses are really cute on the outside though. I can't wait to see the Ann Mann places!

  2. May I suggest Franklin too! It's lovely and not dungeon-ey. Although things are very expensive in this area in general. Perhaps there's room for your whole clan in my in-laws' attic with us...!

  3. You make me feel like I live in ghetto house heaven. Well, Ashley did too after the post about her "awful" place in Orlando.

    I think you've inspired me to post an update about my ghetto house complete with a big dungeon monster called the oil-burning furnace. And I can't blame its flaws on the bf. I found the house months before I met S.

    Disclaimer: I'm not in the ghetto. Actually in a really nice neighborhood near Georgetown. But the house is the oldest thing around.